As a good week starts in music, let’s continue our musical travel in Brazil !!!


It’s all started in my childhood where my daily living was rocked by my mother’s vinyls: ABBA, Mireille Matthieu, The Beegees, Nana Mouskouri… It was with this latter that I started to love a saying ‘Quand tu chantes, quand tu chantes, quand tu chantes, ça va‘.
Literally that means ‘When you sing, it’s alright’, nice isn’t it? We can call it the ‘Music therapy’, I adopt that way of living 🙂


Time has passed, a lot of water has passed under the bridge.


In 2014, a Uruguayan friend made me discover Martinho da Vila’s ‘Canta, canta minha gente’, the original song covered by Nana Mouskouri. That brought me back to my childhood: the games, the songs and the music lover I began to be. It’s now my turn to share with you.


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