As a good week start in music, let’s continue our musical travel in Australia with the band AC/DC and their famous song Highway to Hell!

It all started in my childhood with their title Back in Black. What a riff! Impossible to get rid of it. You know, that kind of song you sing all day long saying « Tan… tantantan tantantan… tinanananaaaaaa », with your invisible guitare on your virtual stage. My surroundings suffered but  that let me know later that I will do something related to Music.

Air guitarist

It’s far more later that I understood the meaning of the lyrics and the fact that it was a come back from hell and bereavement since the last album Highway to Hell. What is that? It’s a call to freedom, an ode against puritanism, a breathe of life at 300 mph, authentic emotion and A RIFF!

Highway to freedom! This title is talking about an openly admitted excess life going against a dominative and oppressive christian way of life. In this song, hell is the goal. It’s obvious that it’s not to take literally indeed hell here is Freedom.

Living easy, living Free

There is how the song begins. The eponymous was the last of the singer Bon Scott who died 7 months after its release. Premonitory song? Excess of freedom? I don’t know. I only know that this song helped me feeding my internal rebellions of a teenage angst . I’m thus happy our paths have crossed.

I would like to finish in light with this extract of Let There Be Rock of the same band:

Let there be sound! And there was sound.
Let there there be light! And there was light.
Let there be drums! And there was drums.
Let there be guitars! And there was guitars.
Let there be rock!

Amen !

Hail Rock and farewell!

It’s the last seleKtion in English. I’ll focus now on the French version which you can read every 3 weeks. Thank you for you reading and your support!

I still write music in English and you can listen to it here 😉